Course Overview:

The MedPro Training PCP OSCE Preparatory Course will prepare candidates for their Base Hospital OSCE testing. This course outlines the structure, marking scheme, and typical patient care scenarios encountered in the OSCE. It will prepare participants with what they can expect and how they can maximize their probability of success

The typical of the OSCE format:

● You will rotate through a series of timed stations

● Each station presents a specific clinical scenario

● Each station assesses one or more areas of clinical competence (for example, history taking, communication, physical examination skills, etc.)

● All candidates are exposed to the same clinical problems

● The assessment applies a standardized approach, which includes standardized patients, standardized scoring tools, and standardized exam-day logistics

Course description:

An OSCE is a type of examination often used in health sciences. It is designed to test clinical skill performance and competence in a range of skills. It is a hands-on, real-world approach to learning and assessment.

Objective – The content and scoring procedures are standardized. Each examination station is designed to focus on an area of clinical competence. A standardized scoring tool is used to record what you do or do not do well.

Structured – Every OSCE candidate experiences the same problem, and is asked to perform the same task, within the same time frame. You will be exposed to the same level of difficulty, no matter where the examination is taken, and is marked using the same marking scheme.

Clinical – The tasks in each OSCE station represent real-life clinical situations. These assess your ability to apply clinical knowledge and skills when, for example, meeting with a patient, assessing pertinent medical history, administering appropriate treatment, etc.

Examination – An OSCE enables a reliable assessment of a candidate’s competence. OSCEs are suitable for use in high-stakes assessments, such as the Primary Care Paramedic certification and entry to practice.

Intended Audience:

This course is intended for graduates or soon-to-be graduates of an Ontario MOHLTC recognized Primary Care Paramedic program, who are looking for employment in the paramedic field. The course is also useful for those with a conditional job offer and those that have been out of school for some time.

Course prerequisites:

Primary Care Paramedic diploma from an Ontario College or equivalent, or final semester students with evidence of anticipated successful completion of their program.

Course cost:


Course duration:

6-8 hours depending on the number of participants

Completion criteria:

Successful completion of a minimum of 5 patient care scenarios encompassing different clinical skills. Demonstrated professionalism, consistency, and knowledge and application of Ontario standards of care as outlined in the reference documents.


A certificate of completion will be issued to successful candidates.

Reference Documents:

MOHLTC BLS patient care standards

MOHLTC ALS patient care standards and companion document



Applicable Federal and Provincial legislation